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Plastic Pantomime - Touching things they can't afford since 1978
We are Plastic Pantomime.

We are so popular in the Midlands that most people will deny ever hearing of us just to seem alternative.
Meet the band

Sare 'Kiddo' okoY
Jase 'Jase' Sticksman
Sean 'Bending' Rodriguez

Extract from 'Plastic Pantomime
- an unauthorised biography':

"...They forged golden tickets and snuck into the chocolate factory. Jase failed to mention his lactose intolerance and it all went a bit tits up. Claims Direct were no real help and Willy Wonka's solicitor has sent a really arsey letter.


plastic pantomime lineup

They are now touring the UK trying to raise the £100 required for their own solicitors letter, in order to confirm receipt of Willy Wonka's solicitors letter...


plastic pantomime lineup

Was it all really worth it?

Before the 'confectionary incident', the 3 enjoyed a band residency at Caesers palace in Las Vegas, ('...playing all your favourite Enya and Celine Dion hits...and many many more') They lived in a trailer outside Area 51 and jammed Alice In Chains and Muse into the wee small hours.

Even on a school night - This was America, and there are no laws in America..."


plastic pantomime lineup