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Our operators are waiting for YOUR call...
For bookings or further information please contact us on:
call Plastic Pantomime today

Samsung SF 370 fax machine

call Plastic Pantomime today
My home telephone (cordless):
01384 897198
(if it's engaged, it's just mum - try again in half an hour)

My car phone:

07815 606041
(try not to ring me if I'm driving, it's illegal now. In fact I may sell my car phone. No good trying to text either, bloody driving gloves..)

My interweb enabled home computer emailing system:

The fax machine (Samsung SF 370) is currently 'giving us some jip'. It may be terminal, we just don't know. Until it's back up and running if you could use 'emailing' please.
If you need any help setting up an 'email' system on your computer - my mate Dave from work is 'into computers' and will sort you out. He got us on the line for under £1000. Reeeally nice bloke. Bought a car off him. You probably know him. Dave.

For a free A2 scratch n' sniff poster of Vince send a LARGE S.A.E. to:
Vince Gay Icon 2009 Poster Offer
Plastic Pantomime Secret Headquarters
London Town
W1 7RJ

If you need anyone 'whacked' please contact Jase direct.
He knows Huey from Fun Lovin' Criminals.*
Everybody get down on the fucking floor and so on.

*Plastic Pantomime accept no responsibility for people being taken out, drove by, happy slapped, given concrete underpants or whatever it is these Puerto Rican rappers / hit-men get up to in their spare time.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Sean x

Don't do drugs.