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- Win a trip to Barcelona.

Alison Young
- Official website of Olympic sailor | Rio 2016.

Bouncing B's
- Disco Dome & Bouncy Castle hire.

Classic Lines Design
- Top 100 design agency: responsive website.

Climate Retail
- Supply and delivery of Interiors & POS Display.

Design in Bromsgrove
- Classic graphic design in Bromsgrove.

- Competition rifles, pistols and accessories.

Harris Steels
- Quality steel stockholder.

Heat Loss Calculator
- A responsive, industrial heat loss calculator.

Iyla Rose Foundation
- Funds for children & families with complex needs.

Lorita's Bakehouse
- Fresh cakes, sweets, cookies, and desserts.

- Luxury hair extensions by Michelle Griffin.

Mick Poultney
- Mick Poultney's Bostin' Compostin' blog.

- Responsive online form for advertisers.

Nortek ErP
- 3 x language HVAC industry directive.

- A payroll revolution ...RTI.

Plastic Pantomime
- The UK's #1 alternative indie rock covers band.

Proper Ryder Cup
- Literally, the proper Ryder Cup. Not literally.

- World-famous studio monitoring systems.

Redditch Dog Walking
- Dog walking services in Redditch and Studley.

- 4 x language responsive website.

Steve Hawkesworth
- Artist: Finest quality handmade woodwork.

- Telecommunications services.

Tots Tales
- Child-parent interaction classes in Stourbridge.

The Bridge House
- Multi-purpose venue, café and children's centre.

The Gallery
- Luxury fitted kitchens in the West Midlands.

Thomas Lister
- Chartered Surveyors and Property consultants.

What's Your Language?
- Quality French & Spanish tuition in Stourbridge.

Wright Silverwood
- One of the UK's foremost leisure specialists.

- Monthly evening of debauchery in Stourbridge

Lick of the Wik: {2010} {'11} {'12} {'13} {'14} {'15} {'16} {2017}
- A weekly music review

The Kage
- Online music / arts magazine.

Get in touch
- Contact El Grabbo

{ Terms & Conditions }

Technology / Browsers

We endeavour to design websites for the vast majority of visitors. Websites are designed to work with the most popular, updated, current browsers and operating systems. From time to time, technological advancements mean code / plugin updates will be required. For example: before the advent of tablets, websites will not automatically scale to fit these devices; extra work is needed to make this happen. In the event of such new technologies, clients will be informed and we reserve the right to quote for any work involved.


Mailbox storage: Clients are encouraged to regularly maintain their mailboxes / email accounts. Clients will be notified when mailboxes are 90% full. It is always a good idea to regularly back up and delete old emails. Whilst organising emails into folders within the Inbox is good housekeeping, this does not remove emails – and as such: counts towards a mailbox's storage quota. It is also clients' responsibility to regularly check their Junk folders, whitelisting any genuine emails as Safe / Not Junk, whilst marking all Spam as 'Junk' / ' Block Sender.'

Spam: It is also the responsibility of the client to ensure: emails @ their domain-name do not contain any inappropriate / illegal material and are not used to spam others. If you are looking to send out large volumes of emails, ask us about producing a GDPR compliant email campaign.


For new clients: We require 50% of the original quote up-front, before work can commence - this is to cover out-costs which are incurred on every job. Unless otherwise stated: Payment is due 14 days after invoices are issued.

Hosting & Domains

When you have an existing website, it is implied that you wish to renew this service each year (this is to prevent downtime and benefit your business) If you need to cancel services at any point, please inform us of this in plenty of time before your renewal date.